Our School

In our pastry school, from the hand of the renowned Chef Hans Ovando and Elena Adell, we want to offer high quality teaching, adapted to the evolution of the sector, transmitting the passion for the trade based on our experience, philosophy and values.
Pastry Introduction
You will learn the essence and the basics of classic pastry while you assimilate the processes to develop your own ideas.
Annual Pastry Course
Course where you will deepen on a technical and professional level through practice and theory of different areas of pastry.
Chocolate specialization
A chocolate study from the beginning, the seed, the plant, the beans' production, harvesting, fermentation, drying, roasting and chocolate making.
Intensive international bilingual pastry course
A 100% practical course, in which you will learn the basic, classical and current techniques of the pastry. The only Spanish-English bilingual course, open to all

The Chefs

Hans Ovando

His passion and vocation for teaching and pastry knows no limits.
He has traveled half the world, sharing all his knowledge in different schools.
Copa Maya winner 2018.
Best culinary dessert WCM Paris 2013.
Best bonbon WCM Paris 2013.
Best cake WCM Spain 2013.
Best master chocolatier of Spain in 2008.
Pastry cook in "el Bulli".

Elena Adell

Passion for the trade, education and teaching.
Pastry teacher at the Sant Ignasi Sarrià School, Barcelona.
Head of production at Badia Roca Sant Croi.
Head of pastry at Bubo Relais Desserts.
Head of departure at Restaurante Dos cielos - Torres brothers.
Head of departure at Realais Chateaux "Le chateau de Riell", France.
Higher studies in pastry and gastronomy.