Specialization course of study and technology of chocolate (Chocolatier Chef)

This course includes a chocolate study from the beginning, the seed, the plant, the beans’ production, harvesting, fermentation, drying, roasting and chocolate making. From here, a physical-chemical study of its components and the reaction to interact with other ingredients such as the production of chocolates, ganaches and pralines.

  •  Who is it aimed at?

 Aimed at people who want to deepen in the world of chocolate, being this the only protagonist of the course from its origin: the seed.

  • Requeriments:
    • Age: 18 - 45 years.
    • Understand and speak Spanish, because classes are taught in this language.
    • People who have passed the "Pastry introduction course", "Annual pastry course" or equivalent.
  • Degree:
    • Bee Chef Pastry School course diploma.
    • Final work mark certifications and course hours.
  • Program:
    • Chef professor: Hans Ovando and Elena Adell
    • Complementary subjects professors: To be confirmed.
    • Duration: 6 months. 200 hours approximately. From September 2019 to February 2020. Mondays and Tuesdays from 16:00 to 20:15.
    • 12 students maximum per coruse
    • Theoretical and practical course
      • 180 practical hours
      • 20 theoretical hours
    • Manufacturing materials, product of impulse and packaging around chocolate, bonbons and calculations and balance of recipes, pieces of Easter and artistic and showcase pieces. Pastry with chocolate and its influence on the formulation among others.
    • Temary available in January of 2019.
  • Price:
    • 3.360€: 560€ in 6 monthly payments.
    • 10% discount for single payment.
    • First and last fees at the beginning of the course.
    • 350€ Deposit: Includes course book, place reservation, administrative expenses and compulsory accident insurance.
    • 120€ Required uniform: School jacket, trousers, apron, hat and cloth.
    • 120€ Regulatory thermometer Testo 831.

NOTE: Students who have uniform and complete material are not obligatory to purchase again, but to use it.

The use of non-slip black shoe is mandatory (Not included).