Who we are?

Bee Chef Pastry School is born from the idea of developing, in a strategic point of Barcelona, Sant Joan Despí, a physical place where future apprentices, amateurs and lovers of pastry can develop the trade, or simply discover that culinary concern that we all have inside.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is represented by the bee:
Its structure of work and the production of a genuine and healthy product like honey.
The organization and work in Hive, example of our main strength: teamwork.
The application of hierarchical order as occurs in hives, businesses, kitchens and workplaces.

Our values

  • Quality: the products and education offered are excellent.
  • Communication: communication as a fundamental value, trying to make the relationships and connections between the members of the school fluid and sincere.
  • Originality: innovative and creative in work and education as well as in work methodologies and strategies.
  • Teamwork: integration of each member in the group, obtaining the best results thanks to a collaborative environment.